digital animation, 3d animation, hand-drawn, 2d, cut-outs, rotoscope, shadow puppets, compositing

MIA from Sanal S

Graduation FIlm - MIA - Sanal Sunny
Work in progress
/Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Flash

Home from Sanal S

A documentary film about Thanh Nguyen - Cat's experience, surviving the re - education camp in Vietnam
A film by : Catherine Nguyen - Cat, Tara Rzaeva and me

The Brahmin & the goat from Sanal S

Short film University project
An Indian folk tale from the Panchatantra - The Brahmin And The Goat

Crabby Love from Sanal S

Crabby Love - Group project
A film by Dimitris Simou, Elvin Cruz, Gerard Mensah and me

Amy & the Snowman from Sanal S

Digital Project - Character design and walk cycle test done in Adobe Flash